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Update: Test question, George... What exactly is a Ponzi scheme? Apartment property management corporations employ incompetent, sadistic people who are encouraged by people like you to make a point to create work for themselves that is unnecessary and then ignore the work that they are being paid to do. They can scapegoat poor, innocent, vulnerable people. When a gov't subsidized unit that a tenant lives in (and pays rent for) doesn't pass inspection for habitability requirements then the management has a month to fix the problem or else the gov't suspends their portion of rent payments. It's supposed to be incentive for the landlord to abide by the law ... but the problem is that they don't necessarily have to abide by the law. People like you have consumer protection laws & all that ... & your U.S. Constitutional Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection of law, but the po' people that you be all hatin' on don't necessarily get that same level of protection. Do you see? No? Why not invent some gadget that will make you a fucking zillionaire, or shut the fuck up? How 'bout (comparing) them apples & oranges?

Note: I didn't put a lot of effort into this page at this point since all of it gets difficult & discouraging. I've been at this for a couple years now but am continuously dismissed. I basically get trolled by wealthy people on this subject and it's irritating! I will spend more time on this later.

No, I am not George Kerber, nor do I want to be. He is an imperilistic opportunist. Read on...

Update: I researched a bit further and the Ivy Crossing Apartments are owned by a corporation that is based in Maryland. Why this man jumped up to defend the company on a post about multiple code violations & somebody dying that could be connected to FCP's negligence is something to ponder. Maybe he is an investor in the corporation.

A recent fire in a large apartment complex was found to have numerous violations in preceding months. The article was posted on the local news channel's social media and most comments were of condolences and/or people stating that they've had bad experiences at the complex or similar.

There was a comment that caught my attention since it was in sympathy (defending) the property owner (or apt complex owners in general) by alluding to financial difficulties that an owner contends with because of pandemic related conditions and the possible legislation to help renters. I replied that I found by searching that there was gov't assistance from relief funding available to landlords as well, but he didn't acknowledge that part. Instead he addressed how the mere threat of rent control legislation affects owners (it lowers property value).

He did (inadvertently) point out the investment aspect of the property ownership which is what's often avoided. There is an underlying superiority position and the idea that the owners were just smarter and/or more responsible and/or harder working than an average lower income tenant. Whether or not that could be obviously true in some case or not is beside the point since there is definitely people on fixed incomes in the demographic. 'The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.' ~ Voltaire

I've covered about every other aspect of the subject and I may have even specifically mentioned the long term investment point somewhere. It's an obvious reason to be involved in the business and so the mere mentioning of that by somebody in a lower income stratum can be construed (exaggerated) as just jealousy. People in middle class will often tend to defend the property owners because "they provide jobs", pay property taxes and whatnot. Bring up the word "sociology" and be branded as a socialist and all that implies. I've done my best to point out to anybody that would listen (or take a little time to read my work) that the property owners were exploiting that cultural idea (public opinion) and stigma. If a tenant complained they were labeled ungrateful.

It becomes easier to see that it's always been the case and wealthy people have historically merely given up enough of their posit to appease the masses but never really change. The laws that are created to regulate them are not enforced or if they are enforced, there's retaliation. Do I dare point out that the situation is a contributing factor to homelessness? To be crass & simplistic it all becomes like a game of musical chairs. There's stereotype of welfare with bias that there's fraud and rampant irresponsibility which in reality is gross exaggeration and misrepresentation of how people with housing assistance get on it initially. People who've been victims of violent crimes make up a portion of housing assistance recipients and are helped by hardworking and dedicated people but are treated like they're nothing but scum by some average, high-school educated young adult that sits at a desk.

There's the points to address (besides the topic of pandemic relief funds made available for landlords) that: a) A typical large corporation would have physical office buildings and of course there'd be extravagance from an average proletariat perspective; but consider the value of office furniture in relation to the pandemic. And: b) Considering the for-profit business and long term investment aspects there could have been more focus on developing new technology (like AI technology) to help managers to be more efficient to reduce costs where they could. (There's online payment portals now but there's the point of "inevitable inequality" so in my experience the software isn't utilized correctly, the data poorly maintained, and the little extra effort that it requires for tenants on gov't assistance is most likely the managers' reason for the continuous issues I've had. I've had to go back to paying with a money order and I'm a vulnerable person.) Again, there's the posit to rely on public opinion and sympathy by reinforcing stigma and stereotype of tenants on gov't assistance. (It's known in sociology that people will tend to sympathize with the entity in power and laws and regulations meant to counteract that become circumventable with the residential low income housing. Professional ethics should prevent employees of a property management corporation from exploiting the poor enforcement of the protections for tenants.)

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Oh, "Only the gov't can violate people's rights..." argument? See page 8 of this aticle on Stanford Law website:

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I continued to do further research & came across a company profile of Missionrock Residential that reflects a Revenue amount of $666 million. (I kid you not!) This is another one that George Kerber is sympathizing with, mind you. Please check back for updates.

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