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Part C of HAP Contract: Tenancy Addendum, 2. Lease b. states:

The tenant shall have the right to enforce the tenancy addendum against the owner. If there is any conflict between the tenancy addendum and any other provisions of the lease, the language of the tenancy addendum shall control.

"I'm the manager here. I can do anything I want!"   

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Image (left or above) is of notice posted to residents' doors and trash disposal chute room door(s) with original text of warning of $100 fine for trash bags left in trash chute room when the chute is full. Residents are expected to store garbage in units until trash receptacles are emptied.
At top of the page I inserted the folowing text & gave it to her:
CO Rev Stat ยง 38-12-505 (2020) (1) A residential premises is deemed uninhabitable if: ... b. It substantially lacks any of the following characteristics: ... IX. An adequate number of appropriate exterior receptacles for garbage and rubbish, in good repair;

Housing Assistance Payments Contract (HAP contract)

Image above is excerpt from hud.gov "Housing Assistance Payments Contract" pg 9 2. b. and reads:

The tenant shall have the right to enforce the tenancy addendum against the owner. If there is any conflict between the tenancy addendum and any other provisions of the lease, the language of the tenancy addendum shall control.


I'm sure that they regularly check their Google reviews but there's also a HUD validated equal housing violation in recent years that's online. In that case there was repeated flooding damage that was out of the tenant's control. The carpet became moldy and exacerbated the tenant's son's asthma condition. Columbia Residential offered to replace the carpet at the tenant's expense & even had audacity to include quotes. (Carpet has limited lifespan, anyway.) In all the company comes off as very cold-hearted, IMHO. Below is excerpt pages 6 & 7 of the document with the plain text copies. (Click browser back button to return to this page after viewing page images.)

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Update: Feb 08, 2023 - I ended up uncovering a munchausen by proxy crime committed by a woman working for the state & her wealthy husband. Seriously! It's tragic! Anyway...

11-9-2016-colonial-manor.jpg receipt from razed motel in the Elyria-Swansea,_Denver 'hood
Image above is cropped from an old bank statement of mine reflecting the entry for a debit charge for a now razed motel that was within a couple miles from the apt building here. At the time, in November 2016, I was actually in the process of enrolling in a local tech school (& I attended for awhile when I was staying in a shelter) but the school closed. I'm local, I grew up just north of this area. When I served I maintained my home address residence in the state to pay taxes here. I did that on purpose. I keep in mind what was told to me by someone with a masters degree, and experience in the human/social services field; that I was to never give in to someone's or some group's goal of degrading me & attempts to stigmatize & stereotype me. There is the other aspect to my history that I also worked in construction plumbing and related fields as well so I have nothing to feel ashamed of. I've done work that most people would avoid at all costs. I've earned what I have. A young lady working for the Veterans Administration told me that I have my Section 8 voucher for the rest of my life. These apt managers have this idea to always want to help me problem solve to compensate for their negligence & incompetence instead of just doing their work.

People in culture (or "neurotypical", is what average people are referred to as in the neurodiverse community and their advocacy support) ... but people will often exhibit a cultural appropriation posit when interacting with people of my demographic (like me, here & now) which are designated as mentally impaired by the United States government through the Americans with Disabilities Act. (I was informally but specifically educated in the ADA in regards to my demographic by someone with a masters degree, over twenty years in the field & held related licensing credentials.) It really gets to be about the right to equal protection of law that the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is meant to guarantee. The idea gets to be that isn't applicable for me. Laws are to protect them from me ... not the real me, mind you, but the "me" that is their stereotyped, stigmatized version of me and I have to understand that is their point (the end). (I'm "low-hanging fruit" for them, is the thing.)

The cultural appropriation was revealed by this woman property manager when she said to me that I need to just worry about myself and this is a good time for me to change. In this case there is a bureaucracy issue but I am not here to sympathize with a corporation. They scapegoat me & it's obvious that it is an industry wide problem. If I have an issue to where I need the manager to do some work at their desk with their computer (like fix my online portal account) they instead will bombard me with trite sayings such as "this is a good time for you to change".

Again, at my last place the management wouldn't repair a handicapped accessibility door opener for months but insisted the door not be propped open even though it was an interior door. (See, I understood that it's probably designed to be a fire door type of thing, but there was a small entrance foyer there.) It becomes obvious that their intention is to use issues such as that as a way to scrutinize residents like me so as to reinforce a "Just World" idealogy that my circumstances have to be of all my own making. (You see, if anything bad happened to me it was my fault or why does it matter and I just need to be a man about it and if I really want to make a difference I can go work in property management along side abusive people like them.)

It becomes obvious that it's purely a power trip thing with them and that is what gets frustrating because their attitude is that I haven't contributed enough to this society to feel like I have the right to my gov't assistance. They will ask "loaded questions", meaning that there is insinuation of my culpability that they wish for me to concede to so they can save money or whatever. My microwave went bad in my last place even though it was only a couple years old. Actually, the handle locking mechanism went bad but could be replaced. I went as far as finding a product review posting on Best Buy and emailed the management the link and they replied (so they saw it). But three different people questioned me about the issue, two maintenance people and the vendor repairman. The questions were in the form of inquiring what I did for it to break. Everything is about the opportunity to teach me something about this world.

Oh! I didn't include in this page what this protest is about for me. I was invited to their on-site office for a re-certification (for their internal system, my voucher had already been renewed) but I merely brought to her attention that her "fine" wasn't legal and now they won't renew my lease (I was offered renewal but the hokey sign is still on the door of trash-chute room). I have to move again in a couple months(?). (I have minor physical disability too because of my reconstructed ankle from my injury from my service. I had to take a lot of risks when I worked construction.) There is no other reason except their discrimination. I've filed complaint with HUD but they feel the need to teach me a life lesson too. I argued a little with the manager but the reality is that if she were actually a professional, ethical person then she would know that she is not supposed to threaten extortion. I explained that it would constitute a fee for trash disposal that wasn't included in the lease. Nobody cares. People want me to die on the streets. I do not deserve that. I am a nice, honest man. There was a lot of educated people that put their time & effort into helping me and this is my way of appreciating their dedication.

Actually the meeting I mentioned was the second one I was called into that was made to be just a point to intimidate me and to teach me that they didn't necessarily have to do their jobs ethically. There was another a few months prior (with different managers) that I was asked to attend because I sent a letter to the corporation's main office in Atlanta, Georgia requesting that they have someone fix my account. The first-month pro-rate wasn't applied correctly and they weren't accounting for my state's assistance payments (I'm on disability, but it isn't a permanent type of benefits, I get re-evaluated and my state's assistance is part of my "safety net" ... was the way it was explained to me by a young lady with a college degree and employed by the Veterans Administration) ... but they weren't accounting for the payments that were being mailed to their Georgia office. See, the manager never bothered to complete the process of giving the state their electronic funds transfer information so the physical paper checks were being mailed to Atlanta. The letter I sent was mailed back to the on-site manager along with the latest check they received from the state. They wanted to show me how ungrateful I was. I was invited into their office with two women (see, if it were a woman resident and two male managers then that wouldn't be very appropriate - gender issues - but it can be an issue for me since they can insist that I was offensive in some way). They then motioned their maintenance man to stand in the doorway behind me. See, he was there to shove his groin into my shoulder like nothing like that could have ever happened to me before. I'd never expect that. (Actually I notified Elijah McClain's mom's lawyer that might've been similar to something that the Aurora police did to him as they were forcing him to the ground. Her lawyer replied to me, thanking me.)

Anyway, all that happened was the payment was misapplied and it dragged on for months. I put a complaint to HUD since I informed the managers that I'm on disability (I am disabled under U.S. federal law) and they were discriminating against me with their refusal to fix my account with them. The complaint was denied by a woman employed by the state that mutilated her child. My account was eventually fixed by none other than the lady that is pictured at the top of this site. (Well, her and another male manager. I never seen him again shortly after that.) She definitely no longer works for the company; she quit, but her "$100 fine for trash" signs are still up. I asked another male manager if they could take down the threatening signs but he said he agreed with the idea. That one was here long enough to do the lease renewals. (There is a different company doing the property management part now.)

The cover image for this site is something I put together, a collage of sorts. (I had to look that word up and kept getting "college" from the search so I used "art project for kids -college" and looked through the image results.) Anyway, included in it there's a copy of a page from a presentation titled: "The Social Determinants of Mental Health" that has the following text in a graphic that I found informative. I'm sure there will be people who would be apt to scutinize & criticize ... i.e., "everybody has to deal with environmental factors", "that's their choice or responsibility", but by same token it is an apt manager company's responsibility to follow the laws that apply to them. Their position merely boils down to the idea that it's really all poor people can expect, we're on gov't assistance (and the implication is that we should feel guilty or a burden on society or what-have-you) but it's an excuse for them to shirk their responsibility. There are many assumptions with their attitude but I have actually been able to document evidence of apt managers making it a point to waste taxpayer money with their refusal to abide by state & federal laws. Their intentions are to be physically abusive by refusing to renew a lease because a tenant wouldn't support an arbitrary fine. I should be desperate enough to not say anything about their corruption. It is iatrogenic for me though since there were nice people who would talk to me about their work.

For accessibility I have reproduced the text of page 14 of the document:

Adverse Mental Health Outcomes and Mental Health Inequities

  • Reduced Options, "Poor Choices"
  • Behavioral Risk Factors
  • Physiological Stress Responses
  • Physiological Stress
Homelessness, housing instability
Food insecurity
Transportation insecurity
Poor access to health care
Adverse features of the built environment
Neighborhood disorder
Pollution exposure
Climate change
Adverse early life experiences
Exposure to violence, conflict
Interaction with the criminal justice system
Low education
Unemployment, underemployment
Poverty, income inequality
Area-level poverty

Unfair and Unjust Distribution of Opportunity

Public Policies ⇔ Social Norms


Image below is a copy of my older (& only) brother's death certificate. He died in the USAF hospital where he was born in England in 1962 about a month later. He had a treatable condition (even at that time) but he died of cardiac arrest before receiving surgery. I'm the last of my direct lineage since I have no children, so I've never received child tax credits or sent children to public schools. My maternal g'pa died a year later of hypothermia on their doorstep, he was drunk but also a two tour WWII vet ... my g'ma said that "when he came back he was never the same" ... & his brother served in WWII (I met him once) & his sister was WAC. My paternal g'pa was USAF (R) & my paternal uncle was USAF (R) & my first (step-)cousin is US Army (R) & my paternal step-g'pa was WWII paratrooper (and got hit with land-mine shrapnel from one that killed his friend).

VA VASH Information

"No man is punishable or can be lawfully made to suffer in body or goods except for a distinct breach of law established in the ordinary legal manner before the ordinary courts of the land." ~ A.V. Dicey's first principle of the Rule of Law

On page 8 of this presentation it lists my kind of disability as a protected class but my complaint(s) were denied because Deborah Manigault is a hypocrite & murderer. Open the pdf on the Colorado NAHRO website in full screen viewer

Oh! There's a true crime documentary that is a story about a woman who gave an undercover law enforcement officer $50 as down payment to kill her husband. (Just for juxtaposition here.)



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Screen captures included here in conformance with fair use in this criticism. The initial context of this website is satirical & is intended to illuminate inconsistencies with the Fair Housing Act on Advertising and other related improprieties. (But yes, she actually said the " she can do anything she wants" bit!)

"The determination of the value of an item must not be based on the price, but rather on the utility it yields ... There is no doubt that a gain of one thousand ducats is more significant to the pauper than to a rich man though both gain the same amount." ~ Daniel Bernoulli

"The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor." ~ Voltaire

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